Should Women Travel Alone to Morocco ? Here's Our Opinions and Tips

When I told to my friends  that I will travel alone to Morocco , many people confessed that my degree of madness was getting worse. Women alone in Morocco?!

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«I flirt with you. You can't stop a second with your ass still. Now to Morocco? Are you going to go alone?

There seems to be an unwritten law that if you travel with a woman instead of a man, something bad will happen to you.

And no, it is not  TRUE .

They have not dismembered me, nor have they made me any Moroccan torture, nor have they harassed me in the street. Moreover, they have practically not looked at me.

After reading a large sum of articles about traveling alone to Morocco, I think that Morocco deserves a post to disregard some of the myths and truths about this country. Especially since I read articles that, unfortunately, thanks to them, I almost felt like going to this wonderful country.

Being a woman and traveling alone to Morocco are you crazy?
Before going to Morocco I read, informed myself, and listened to all kinds of comments:
Go well covered that the Moors are very heavy.
They will call you beautiful in every possible range of languages.
You will not believe it, a friend told me that they touched her hair in the street!
Be careful, I have read that men are approaching you on the beach to give you a supreme slap.
And what have I found?


In fact, quite the opposite. I have met super friendly people. Not a single awkward situation. No comments that I find irritating.

Has it been a matter of luck? I do not know, but this is what I saw, and so I will tell.

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  • Is it safe to travel to Morocco?
The answer is a resounding yes. In Morocco I felt as safe as in Spain.
Can there be thefts in the medinas? Yes, as in all places where there are crowds of people. My mother was also robbed of her wallet one day at the Santander market, or she can also steal your wallet at the Mall in Paris .
What I do recommend is that you travel with a little common sense and a little cautious, as on all sides. And of course, travel with medical insurance in case you have any health problems.  
That it seemed safe to me does not mean that you have to go through Morocco all happy life like Pedro for his house. For example, I don't think it's the best option to go sightseeing in the narrow streets of the medina at 12 at night. But during the day I walked with my reflex camera and my bag (yes, I always had it well guarded) and at no time they wanted to give me the stick or observe anything strange.

I was quite cautious and, in a way the first few days, why not say it, crammed by the unfounded fear that they had put me in. Fear that obviously disappeared on the second day.

From my point of view, all the tourist areas that I visited in Morocco seemed safe.
  • How to dress to travel to Morocco if you are a woman ?

Morocco is a Muslim country and, therefore, I think you should respect their culture a bit. There is no established dress code, but, in my opinion, you should not dress too much attention.

Obviously, that doesn't mean you have to wear a burqaa, much less.

I went to the end of June, in the middle of summer, and chose to wear long, loose dresses, with barely neckline, and short sleeves or discrete straps.

The first few days I was feeling the ground a little and wore a scarf to cover my shoulders a little. As the days went by he gained confidence and opted to go straight in braces.

And no, I didn't feel anything observed.

The boys can say "welcome, hello pretty", but as they can tell you in other countries in Europe. In fact, in my opinion, there is no male gender more tired than the Italians.

Regarding the veil, it is not necessary to wear it. Even many young Moroccan women do not take him down the street. Anyway, it does not hurt to wear a scarf in case at any given time you need to cover a little more of the account.

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  • Can women go to the beach in Morocco without dying in the attempt?
In Larache , on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, I decided to go to my first Moroccan beach. Before going, I had read that in some Moroccan beaches you could find the hypothetical case that men made you a circle when you bathed in the sea and that, "unintentionally", they could touch you.

Seriously? Really? I did not see any of this.

At the beginning I was wearing lead feet and I did not take off my clothes to rub how the calico was and how Moroccan women were going to the beach. The result of the observation was as follows:

Zero burkinis
Many caftans
Some other bikini.
Zero lascivious looks.

I was wearing a swimsuit and my friend was in a bikini. When we strolled along the shore we sometimes covered ourselves with a scarf, but because we wanted not because we felt uncomfortable.

Regarding the stalker circle that was going to form in the water I saw no sign. We simply bathed first one and then another, mainly so as not to leave unprotected things on the shore. Fortunately, I learned the lesson when my cell phone was stolen last year on the beach. One and no more, Santo Tomás.

Final result of the adventure of two single women on a beach in Morocco? No one approached us beyond to ask what time it was.

Have we been to a different country than the one that read horrible things on the internet? I don't know, but this was my experience in northern Morocco and I feel the need to tell it like that.
  • Problems of feminine hygiene in Morocco 
Being a woman and that the rule accompanies you on travel is a bad joke that our dear friend usually spends. The real joke comes when you are so disastrous that you forget "those things" (you already know) in Spain. What do you do? Well, you pray that you don't have to go back 50 years in the advances already made on this issue.

In Morocco, only married women can use tampax. In fact, it is a luxury item for them that is quite difficult to find (or impossible) in stores. They only sell it exclusively in some pharmacies. So, in case the flies, take all this kind of gadgets from home.

  • Conclusions about being a woman and traveling alone in Morocco

After being in Morocco, I think we should put aside prejudices and exaggerations a bit. I have already been in several Muslim countries, in Turkey, Bosnia and Dubai, and in all of them I have had an excellent experience. Of course my experience has been more than positive.

Many people wrote to me on the instagram stories, mainly women, telling me that they would like to go to Morocco, but that they don't dare. Don't you dare why? Going with common sense and to tourist places I don't think you have any problems. I have returned safe and sound and I am looking forward to returning.

It has taken me 30 years to visit Morocco, but I don't think it will take more than a year to return. I was fascinated by the country. It is a trip that I recommend to all the world.