Top 5 Morocco Places to Travel in autumn

The neighboring country was opened to tourism a long time ago. However, its popularity has reached its zenith today. It is now when traveling in autumn to Moroccan cities is a wonderful choice with respect to making a visit to other countries. Of great interest to the traveler is usually everything related to security; Don't worry, traveler, Morocco is completely safe for the visitor! Even if you travel alone, the Saharawi country will open your arms. Enjoy incessantly and do not stop living, Free!

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The five cities of Morocco to travel in autumn

Essaouira: We start at the end. Essaouira is a perfect place if you are looking for a delicious combination between culture and tradition with beach and sun. It is one of the most tourist of all Moroccan cities and has walls and a medina that are worth it from the first moment they are visited. By the way, Game of Thrones had its medina as one of the filming scenarios.
Casablanca: This city has the only temple where you can enter as a foreigner outside the Muslim religion. That is why it is one of the great attractions. Other places of interest are the Hassan II Mosque or the ancient Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. There are also other very interesting corners such as the beaches of La Corniche.

Chefchaouen : The third stop on our way is Chefchaouen. This fairytale city is located in the foothills of the Rif Mountains, much closer to Tetouan than one might imagine. A particularity of this town are whitewashed houses. Its multiple places of interest also make it a magnificent city to travel as it has its medina, Hamman Square, the Great Mosque, the Alcazaba, the laundry rooms, the old mosque or the old caravan. All these corners merge with the many cafes in the area.

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Fez : This unforgettable stop where you find them is another of the places to visit that you will fall in love with. Travelers who want to reach it can not miss the beautiful medina with its old door reminiscent of 1001 nights. Of interest is also the Batha Palace Museum, the El Qaraouiyyin and Ech Cherabliyyin Mosque, as well as the city's medieval medina (Fez El Bali). We do not get tired of seeing things in this city that has one of the best known tourist heritage in Morocco.

Marrakech : It is one of the nuclei of interest for those who are looking for the urban as well as for those who prefer the rural. In the same way we find that this UNESCO World Heritage town welcomes the traveler thanks to its urban centers of historical variety. There are some more cosmopolitan as it happens with GuĂ©liz which is the newest area of ​​the city. However there are so many monuments that it is impossible to lie without having previously witnessed them. We invite you to fly to Marrakech!

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