Driving in Morocco - Here' s Some Recommendations

If you are curious to visiting morocco , we advise you to consider this  series of guidelines before starting your trip.

credit : Pixabay

It is advisable to know how to drive in Morocco, as it provides great freedom and comfort when choosing your route through the country. Using public transport or shared taxi is also an option, but remember that this transport can be dangerous and, it is very common to exceed the recommended capacity of passengers in the vehicle, sharing a taxi with 6 people.

Here are some recommendations for you to prepare your road trip safely:

Go to Morocco by car

It is possible to go to Morocco by car from Spain through Ferry from different points of the Andalusian Coast. There are ferries that make daily or weekly routes and that connect the south of Spain with the north of Morocco and vice versa, among them:

Tangier Rate

We recommend that you take the ferry to get to Morocco from Tarifa or Algeciras, as it is faster and more convenient to reach. The ferry ride from these two locations is approximately 1h and, from Tarifa, the ferry arrives at the very center of the great metropolis of Tangier.

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Requirements for driving in Morocco

If you have decided to drive your own car during your trip through Morocco, you must carry the required documentation to avoid unnecessary risks. Depending on whether you are going to use your own vehicle or are going to rent it, you must bring some necessary documents to drive in Morocco:

Documentation needed to drive in Morocco with a Own Vehicle

Valid passport
Driving license or international driving license
Green card or letter (provided by your insurance company)
Form D16ter

Documentation needed to drive in Morocco with a rented car

Valid passport
Driver's license and international license

Driving in Morocco with a Spanish license

Although it is allowed to drive in Morocco with a Spanish license, it is recommended to take the international driving license, since we would be visiting a country outside the European Union.

Driving in Morocco by road
The road network of Morocco is very large and consists of a series of highways, voies express (highways) and national, regional and local roads.

When we talk about danger, we must warn that, when driving in Morocco by road, we must pay close attention to avoid possible mishaps; Truck traffic is very intense, overtaking is dangerous and poor signaling.

Fuel price in Morocco

The price of fuel in Morocco is similar to Spain, although it is usually a little cheaper, the difference is not very large.

It is recommended to put gasoline in chains of trust such as Shell, Total or Afriquia. It may happen that, at unlicensed gas stations, they sell poor quality fuel where you have the risk of damaging your vehicle's engine.

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Park in Morocco

As in Spain, many people in Morocco take advantage of the points of greatest influx to collect money to help park.

If you find yourself in this situation, with giving 5 dirhams (0.50 euros) you can get rid of them.

 Fines in Morocco
Police controls are common in Morocco and, in order to avoid having a hard time, the ideal is to keep all the documentation in order and not to violate the traffic signs.

There are sections where, the maximum speed does not reach 40km / h outside the city, so be careful not to pass. In addition, places where you can not park may be indicated in a different color from our country of origin, so it is advisable to ask before parking.
Taking the appropriate precautions and following the advice that we propose, the only thing you will have to worry about when driving in Morocco, is to enjoy your trip through this exciting country.